Case Study- Hyundai

Company Name:  Hyundai Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd.  Company Domain: Manufacturers of Earthmovers Objective : To control on mismatching of spares at the time of inventory. To have the traceability. To maintain the record.   To reduce the manpower for counting activity.   Avoid the chances of human error.  Track the record from anywhere anytime. Make the weighing process easier and faster.  […]

Case Study- Magnum Forge & Machine Works Pvt. Ltd

Company Name: Magnum Forge & Machine Works Pvt. Ltd Objectives: To reduces and eliminates the chance of human error in the weighing process.  To record and maintain weighing reports properly. To track the record anytime from anywhere without any error. To make the weighing process easier and faster by giving accurate weighing results. Managing the insufficiency of manpower. Better decision […]

Trends of 2020 for Weighing System Manufacturers

Weighing machines are required to carry out almost all the integral operations of a manufacturing business; as it provides major information at the different stages. The weighing scale manufacturing automation industry has gone through some significant advances in recent years. These developments were seen with regard to the manufacturing and technological aspect of the industry.    Digital technology fused with telecommunication […]

Reason Safe Load Indicators Are Compatible With Cranes

Cranes are one of the most used machines in the manufacturing and construction industry. There are a lot of operations taking place at once at such kind of places that increase the chances or mishappenings. So we should always take extreme care to avoid accidents as well as product loss.     Safe Load Indicators (SLI) is one such device that helps […]

Why inventory management is necessary for every organization

Studies have shown that globally, retailers incur huge losses due to mismanaged inventories. Traditional methods of managing inventories increase the risk of mismanagement of inventory thereby putting your business in jeopardy. Investing in an inventory management system is the need of the hour and this blog would discuss why inventory management is necessary for every organization. Inventory management helps in […]

Relation Between Supply Chain Management And GNS

Supply chain management in simple terms can be said to be the management of the flow of goods from the initial stage of procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the final product. A good supply chain management is important to ensure efficient movement of goods and to prevent overstocking or under stocking. Gramton Next-Gen Weighing System, abbreviated as […]

Application of GNS Weighing System in Various Industries

Automation solutions for weighing needs is becoming increasingly popular today. Weighing systems are constantly evolving with new features being added to it. These features not only help in the weighing process but also help in increasing the efficiency of the other production processes. A perfect example of one such system is G21 indicator by Gramton.  G21 indicator which stands for […]

Features of Gramton Next-Gen System (GNS)

Weighing automation systems are extremely beneficial for all kinds of industries where weighing a large number of heavy products is required. Gramton Nex-Gen Weighing System is an advanced solution using next-generation technology, which can be utilized by all types of industries to enhance the efficiency of weighing and counting operations. This blog discusses the salient features of G21 indicator. G21 […]

Foundry Market in India – Is it Expanding or Not

In the past few years, the global foundry market has been expanding. Based on total output, Russia had the highest growth in 2017, with an increase of around 8.3% in production from 2016. Increasing production of light vehicles worldwide is responsible for the growth of the global foundry market. But is the situation similar with respect to the foundry market in […]

5 Equipment That Every Foundry Must Have

Foundry equipment and foundry supplies consist mainly of the heavy machinery needed to work with hot and molten metal as well as the casting items needed to cast the metal into specific shapes. Casting items include chemical compounds used to bind alloys, and also sands for making moulds. A metal foundry may specialize in making items of specific metals like iron […]