Calibration Weight Box

E1 – 1 mg to 200 g

Weights intended to ensure traceability between national mass standards (with values derived from the International Prototype of the kilogram) and weights of class E2 and lower. Class E1 weights or weight sets shall be accompanied by a calibration certificate.

Used as a primary reference for calibrating other reference standards and weights where the stability of the environment and careful handling are assured. Class E1 weights have no method of adjustment and are not suitable for general laboratory use. The uncertainty is guaranteed to be 1/3 the tolerance.

  • 1 mg to 200 g
  • 1-2-2*-5-10-20-20*-50-100-200-200*-500 mg
  • 1-2-2*-5-10-20-20*-50-100-200-200* g
  • Wire Weights
  • Triangle shape (1,10,100 mg)
  • Square shape (2,20,200 mg)
  • Pentagon shape (5,50,500 mg) with Cylindrical Knob Shape (1 g to 200 g) 

Austenitic Stainless Steel

Mono-block Piece with Mirror Finish

8,000 ± 50 kg/m3

Alloy case