EOT Crane Weighing System


Gramton make EOT crane weighing systems comes with high accuracy and based on customized weighing sensor. This system is very useful for applicants such as hot metal or scrap handling, as the load pins are impermeable to shock loading and being the high temperature of molten metal is substantially reduced at the load pin location. A combination of Digital controller, Load Pin and Remote Display are widely used for weighing systems on EOT cranes. The weight lifted by the crane hook can be seen on 4 inch Remote Display in the cabin as well as from the shop floor below. Overload Protection system is built-in in the system by default as a special consideration.

Weighing System for High Temperature Molten Metal (1800 C):

  • Steel Industry
  • Automobile
  • Forgiving Industry
  • Capacity: 1 Ton to 200 Ton
  • Accuracy: ± 1%
  • Operating temp: Up to 1800°C
  • Power supply required: 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase
  • Excitation Voltage: (+ 5 Volt DC
  • Output: 1 MV/Volt
  • Input Resistance: 400 Ohm
  • Output Resistance: 350 Ohm
  • Output Resistance Overload Protection: 150%
  • Non-Linearity: < ± 5.0 %
  • Creep (30 minutes): < ± 0.03 % FSO
  • No. of Load cells: Varies with the pulley configuration
  • Duty: Continuous
  • Load sensor: Strain gauge based load cell
  • Load cell Type: Load Pin
  • Customize design and feature availability
  • Efficient performance
  • Low Deflection
  • High accuracy with Safety Alarm
  • The customized load pins to be fitted in the equalizer pulley.
  • Calibration and set points are very easy to set by the user.
  • Tare facility
  • 100% safe overload protection
  • Wire rope slack condition