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GNS (Nex-Gen System)

Gramton Nex-Gen System gives customized solutions
in all type of Industries

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It can generate customized labels by connecting external printers. A combination of a microcontroller based software and an electronic device defines our machine as customized product; which can be easily upgrade using external Pc or internet connection. Having an advanced feature of Master records which has listing of different types of categories as per the day, time, customers and operating users details with handling products details. Where these recorded data or summary report of the day can be retrieved anytime from the computer interface. With the wide scope in GNI models we have Bench scale, Table top scale and Indicator along with portable stand for MS Ramp or customized platforms, which is designed and fabricated of stainless steel SS-304. GNI module can be customized and connected to any type of external scales to make its use and operation incredibly superior

Salient Features

• High resolution LCD display for easy readability under any condition

• Interface to label printer / Dot Matrix Printers /barcode Scanner

• Facilitates Master records for - Product, Customer, Brands etc.

• Dispense mode / Shipper mode

• Fully programmable with front panel

• Summary report / Weighments for day

• Real time clock with backup storage support

• Check Weighing / Counting / Accumulation modes

• Suitable for use on the table, column or wall

• Labels support for Shipper with various type of Bar-coding print format

• Customized Report on Printer and Export data to pen drive-excel format

• Bi-directional RS-232/USB for data output

• LAN connectivity

Technical Specification

  • Power Source: AC 230V+
  • Battery: +DC 6V/4AH Rechargeable
  • Power consumption: 5 W (Max) (15W)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 45 °C
  • Operating humidity: Max 85% Rh (non-condensing) Relay Output
  • Shipper Memory: 5000; Upgradable to 20,000
  • Internal counts: 5,00,000; Upto 50,000 external count 16bit High precision 4-20mA / 0-10V Output for connection to PLC
  • Internal resolution: 300,000 counts

Optional Accessories

RP45 DMP Printer
RS-232 Computer Output
Custom Software
Relay Output; 4 to 20 mA Analog output
Tower Lamp
Jumbo display
Barcode Scanner (Handheld - Advanced)
LAN connectivity
USB Storage interface
GSM / GPRS interface
STBP3120 Printer
Data logic-Advanced LED Table Mount Scan

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan Size Plotter (MOC)