GRAMTON was founded as a retail-trading outlet in year 2002-03 in Pune city by Mr. Rajendra Bhapkar.
Delivering almost all types of weighing scales at local area surrounding Pune and whole Maharashtra. With a partnership with well known brands in weighing industry as Ohaus, Eagle, Absolute, Smart and etc.
With a strong corporate culture and a domain 'Pulse Weighing systems' of qualitative excellence, and cordial staff and interactive customer and suppliers relations, we were well poised to meet the challenges of the liberalized; and entered into servicing sector to give the best support and solutions to existing customers.
To implement the development of the market for electronic weighing systems, we considered it appropriate to set up the business in PAN INDIA, a strongly industrialized area and committed to technological innovation in all sectors, including food, Pharama, Textile, Shipping, Foundry and etc. Moreover the Govt. Stamping solutions.
From 2005 to 2009 it was a crest success of growth period as achieved expected target revenue. Expanded with the range of scales and had an external warehouse.
In 2010 Gramton started investing into the establishment of the new department of Research and Development, with an EMC test laboratory, Design Engineering dept., a separate customer service dept., with the support of front desk office. Which reached the goal of PAN India hold.
In 2014 company ventured into manufacturing and Automation incorporating under the Indian companies act and now Gramton caters to a wide spectrum of customers specially ranges for industry and application based equipments throughout PAN INDIA.