OUR Mission


Our motive is to support our customers by enhancing quality and durability of the products, to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, customized solutions and services. We shall make it a joy for all to work with us.

We will be the largest Indian manufacturing organization in weighing domain by 2025 - would be measured in terms of stable growth, brand recognition and customer satisfaction. We will deliver breakthrough innovations to our customer with a unique competitive edge so as to motivate and manage performance of organization.

Core Values:

We relate people in a true and authentic way. It spans the gamut from not ripping people off to not putting up a false front. We follow through on our promises to customers, and we do our best to be transparent in the way we do business.

Respect differences among team members, customers and communities and we encourage individual talents of our workforce. continuous level of engagement is maintained always to look forward to build a long term business relationships.

There are scores of individuals who equate diligence with drudgery. We love what we do, taking the lead and leading by example. we’re proud that Gramton is a locally-owned company, not some faceless corporation lead from another part of the country And the terms are defined: responsibilities, accountability and authority.

Customer Satisfaction:
We honor commitments with best of our ability. We try to exist hand-in-hand with customer service, a drive to provide a quality product and service no matter the obstacles. Involves in any process or strategy used to build support or loyalty towards the business or its particular products and Customers.

Value Addition:
Constant Improvement; We value the ability of our employee and organization to honor our commitments. We will also take responsibility for our work and make what is wrong right to the greatest extent possible. We demonstrate the ownership for achieving desired results and it has become common practice for all members within the organization to ask themselves what else can be done to rise above circumstances and achieve the desired results.