Moisture Balance

Prominent for Simple Moisture Analysis Demanding Precise Result


GMB series Moisture Analyzer is having Halogen Heating technique to analyze the Moisture content of the sample; it can examine the moisture contents faster and accurately.
In the process of measuring a sample halogen lamp heating unit and the water evaporation channel rapidly dries that sample. During the drying process; the moisture meter continuously measures the moisture content of the sample lost instantly displays on the screen; after the final moisture loss content value is display.
Compared with the international oven heating method, the halogen heating can reach the maximum heating power in the shortest time. The samples are quickly dried at high temperature and the test results are in good agreement with the national standard oven method.
General samples can be measured in just few minutes with very simple operation with a wide variety of applications.


To increase the efficiency in the laboratory this Moisture Analyzer has advance halogen heating and weighing technologies which helps to yield fast and accurate results. An instinctual Touch-Screen icon-driven menu guides users through every step of the operation process.
Through these moisture analyzers data can be quickly retrieve. It has multiple set of data storage and 15 groups of heating storage. Simple and Rugged design with compact concept ensure a less space, inexpensive long service-life and interference-free operation in laboratory.
“The value of Moisture Analyzer is not just an assessment but the Result makes it Accurate.”
When fast and accurate moisture analysis is required the GMB-MW and GMB-100MW-T series moisture analyzer provides magnificent/splendid value or exceptional result. The robust housing and die-cast/ABS top- housing structure is designed for easy handling, tool-free cleaning and durability. Results can be analyzed by statistic and graphical representation also.

The instrument finalizes on a programmed rate of weight change compared to the actual initial weight of the sample over a programmed window of time. Begin the test allows for easy one step drying process by setting the temp and time. As it has advanced halogen heating technology, final result comes in recorded time.

  • Standard drying:
    This heating profile is suitable for most of the samples. The sample will be heated upto the set drying
    temperature and will keep constant at that temperature, selectable 40 ° C to 199 ° C.
  • Fast Drying:
    This heating profile is suitable for samples with high moisture content (such as liquids).
    The temperature will initially rise rapidly for a short time; after it will exceed the set drying temperature by
    30%. That way the latent heat will be compensated, thereby accelerating the drying process, then the
    temperature is controlled down to the set value.
  • Soft drying:
    This heating profile is suitable for soft drying of substances prone to skin formation (such as easily liquefiable
    substances or substances containing sugar). Skin formation affects the evaporation of trapped moisture. The
    temperature will be increased continuously and will not reach the set drying temperature before the so-called
    ramp duration has elapsed.

A switch-off selection defines: the condition under which the device should cancel the drying process. Switch- off criteria save time and controls cancelling of drying processes. moreover they ensure that measurements are always finished under the same conditions, thereby providing repeatable measurements.

  • AUTO (automatic switch-off; 2g weight loss in 45s)
    This switch-off criterion is based on a weight loss per time unit. As soon as the medium weight loss drops below the desired value per unit of time, the measurement will be finished automatically.
  • TIMING (Time-controlled switch off, selectable 3min- 99h 59min_10 steps)
    When this switch-off criterion is selected the measurement will continue until the set drying time has lapsed (max. time 99h 59 min)
    Switch-off by pressing ‘Stop’ key.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food/Dairy
  • Chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Plastic
  • Paint
  • Environmental labs
  • 5 -inch High-Definition Smart Touch Display; shows Real-time dynamic analysis, Drying Curve
  • Weight, Moisture Percentage, Dry Weight Percentage and more for GMB-100MW-T
  • Fast Halogen Light Heating
  • Enhanced Heating Options: Standard drying, Fast drying & Soft drying
  • Shut-off criterion: Automatic switch off, Time-controlled switch off & Manual switch off by pressing
  • Stop key
  • Temperature and time can be set
  • Large backlit LCD display for easy viewing
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Store historical settings
  • Compact thermal printer
  • PC Software
  • RS 232 cable for computer interface
  • RS 232 cable for USB interface
  • Temperature calibration kit
  • Sample pans – 50/box
  • Reusable sample pans – 3/box
  • Pads, glass fiber – 100/box
  • Sample pan holder
  • In use cover
  • Security lock

GMB-MW series of halogen moisture analyzer

Model GMB105MW GMB100MW GMB-100 MW Touch Screen

(5 inch Panel)
110 g
110 g
110 g
Readability (g)
0.05% / 0.005 g
0.01% / 0.001 g
0.01% / 0.001 g
Moisture Range
0.00% - 100.00%
0.15%(2 g sample)
0.05%(5 g sample)
0.02%(10 g sample)
Sample Size
3 g to 20 g typical, 0.5 g min.
Moisture Readability
Dry Readability
Ambient Temperature
5 'C -35 'C
Pan Size
Result of Displays
[%] moisture content
[%] dry content
[%] residual weight in grams
Display Type
LCD with Backlit
Heating Source
400 W Halogen Lamp
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Range
40 ° C to 199 ° C
Temperature Adjustable
1 °C
Number of Storage
RS 232
Power & Balance
Input: 220V 50HZ; 400 W
Output: 9V
Host Dimension
490 X 360 X 350 mm
Gross Weight
7.5 kg
Included Accessories
Sample Pan (Qty: )
In Use Cover
Sample Pan holder