Density Balance | GRAMTON

Density Balance

To measure & analyze the Density in sample

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Gramton Density balance gives you high precision results with glass windshield space saving robust construction. With the advanced technological high precision magnet sensors and testing device it gives fast and stable results. Having calculating function as well as density percentage analysis. Ideal for all types of tests mode: Solid/Liquid/Powder/Absorbent. This instrument is widely used in scientific research institutions and laboratories. It’s another GDT series-touch screen feature makes it more stylish and generous, it is having 5 inch wide touch panel with a very simple understanding operating menu.

Salient Feature
• Large and Bright LCD for easy readability
• Windshield: Aluminum Kits + Aluminum/Plastic Case
• Test Modes: Solid/Liquid/Powder/Absorbent
• RS 232 USB storage interface
• Auto Tare, Auto zero facility
• In built rechargeable battery; 24 hour backup

Technical Specifications
• Power Supply: 220V/50HZ
• Operating temperature: 5- 25 C
• Accuracy: 0.01g
• Minimum Weighing: 0.04g
• Max capacity: 310g
• Resolution: 0.01g
• Line Voltage: 220V/50HZ
• Tank size: 139x100x78mm
• Pan Size: 160mmx70mm

• Power adapter
• Pan-1
• RS 232 USB cable
• Standard weights
• Density apparatus

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan Size Plotter (MOC)