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Dimensional Weighing System

Box Dimension measurement
And Weighing System

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Cubical Bench Scale : Cubizone-R-Eco
Cubical Bench scale provides a versatile application for table top as well as platform scale. Also it has Laser sensors, reference grid and slider flaps for irregular objects measurement. Robust and rugged design, ultra light weight model with economical advantages.

Software Suite
Package of fully functional Software which serves as a point for the single user. It provides user friendly experience to the operator providing the automation system having usual weighing function, Flexible Dimension scales with rugged construction and high accuracy. Software suit designed to control entire processing logic and supports for data exchange facility. Also it is very flexible and able to integrate with any software support link for various host software systems.

Salient Features
• Increased efficiency and productivity with highest accuracy and security
• Portable usage of machine; wheel based arrangement
• Integrated Keyboard Trays
• Laser scanners with Slider Flaps and Reference Grid-3D Axis.
• Integrated Camera for Shipment Imaging
• Data integration via Cubizone software
• Bracket store arrangement available for objects, UPS and CPU placement

• Direct Interface with WMS/ERP Package over APIs, ODBC
• User Profile Management with Access Control Levels.
• Flexible Dimension and Weight Units
• Data integration via Cubizone Software
• Data push directly into Client’s Browser Page without any third party apps for maximum future Flexibility

Technical Specification
• Power: 230V AC/ 50Hz
• Operating Temperature: 5°- 55° C
• Response time: 3 to 5 sec
• Surface structure: Stainless Steel

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan Size Plotter (MOC)