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FAPL has designed a unique range of pick/put to light solutions for light assisted picking, putting/ sorting operations for the operators. This turns out to be an extremely efficient and economical solution that not only reduces the errors but also enhances the accuracy significantly. Once the package has been primary sorted by the auto sorter, it can further be segregated into sub sorts and directly bagged using the fapl’sput to light system. This is a unique and cost effective solution for segregating packets into hundreds of distinct locations from a very small space. This also make the entire process less human intrusive and error free.

• Pharmaceuticals and Bio Chemicals
• FMCG and food and Beverage
• Cosmetics and oils
• Perfumes and Deodorants
• Electronic Components
• Logistics & Shipment
• Independent Work Station

- With a PICK TO LIGHT System, all the items in a warehouse are stacked up in human accessible shelves, each having aVisual Indicator attached to it. The operator picks up the required quantity and presses the confirm button to switch the indicator off.
- Once all the items for an order are picked from a zone, the order carton is forwarded to the next pick to light zone that contains the next set of SKUs
- In a Typical Courier Destination Sorting Application, the number of unique Bagging Destinations can run into hundreds.
- Setting up a fully fledged Sorting System with so many unique sorting stations in usually not prudent considering the Budgetary and Space limitations in the warehouse.
- FAPL PUT TO LIGHT is designed to cater to such situations only.
- The Complete Sorting System is broken into two Levels : Primary Sorting(Conveyor Based Sorter FAL-SORT) and Secondary Sorting(PTLs).
- Each Primary Sorting Bin has Multiple PTLs paired with it. The Automated Conveyor based Sorting system Sorts the Shipments/Packets into the Primary Bin.
- From there, the operator scans the shipment and a PTL Indicator Lights up and the Shipment is Put in the Corresponding Bin.

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