Application Solutions


All industries and its applications rely on efficiency and reliable work to ensure peak performance. Gramton provide weighing, counting and many more applications with advanced technological electromechanical systems, wireless and digital systems, data retrieving system and microcontroller based systems; very accurately and seamlessly without slowing down your operation.
With the rising demand for safety, high-precision and well maintenance in weighing solutions in every industry, we offer mostly application based customized innovative and automotive systems that accelerate your efficiency, productivity and profitability.
This not only reduces delivery or operating errors, but reduces staff workload
Investing in quality scales and systems helps to ensure billing accuracy, quantity accuracy by monitoring the weights and measurement, real time data, counting, analyzing and accumulation functions, additionally, stamping with the genuine maintenance and safety aspect.

Forging & Casting

Foundry, Forging, Steel, Alloy, Casting, Automobile, Electronics, Rubber, Plastic etc.


R & D Lab, Processing center, milling, Mixing, Batching, Operation center, Packaging, Checkout Store, Transportation etc.

Food & Beverages Industry

Food processing centers (bakery, dairy, kitchen), Batching, mixing, Packaging , R & D laboratories, Distribution, Warehouse etc.

Steel Industry



Warehouse- Batching, Manufacturing, Steel/Alloy -casting, Vehicle lifting, Check weighing, Transportation/shipping etc.

Warehouses & Logistics

Industrial plants, Food production plants, Shipping industry, Inventory-stock , Air cargo, Courier services etc.


Textile Industry – Tank weighing, Batching, Fabrication, Wrapping, E-commerce, etc.