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Sorting System

Parcel Sorting System...

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  • Pharmaceuticals and Bio Chemicals
  • FMCG and food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics and oils
  • Perfumes and Deodorants
  • Electronic Components
  • Logistics & Shipment
  • Independent Work Station

In-feed induction

This not only reduces the Induction throughput over time but is also an extremely tiring job for the In-Feed Operators. FAPL addresses this problem with the introduction of the launch Pad.

Auto–Spacer System

For equated spacing between two consecutive packages. FAPL has developed its own proprietary Spacing System. This Sophisticated Spacer System is PU/PVC belt based system and is unique and Industry leading in more than one way.

Barcode scanning

With its widest range of Barcode Scanning Solution, FAPL stands as your best bet for a reliable and efficient barcode Scanning Solution partner.

Dimension & weight scan/porting

FAPLS’s Range of Dimension and Weight Measurement Systems can be seamlessly integrated into its High Speed Parcel Sorters leading into a complete Parcel Handling solution.

Primary Sorting

India’s first indigenous Tilt Tray Sorter. Available in Linear and Loop Configurations. Achievable throughput of up 21000 Sorts per hour. In-Feed distributed across multiple Induction

Side Arm Sorter

Unique Side arm Sorter based on Air-Free. Technology (Electric Arm) Based on Modular Low Friction Belts. Throughput up to 3600 Sorts per hour. Smallest In-Class Footprint

Pick/Put to light solution

Once the package has been Primary Sorted by the Auto Sorter, it can further be segregated into Sub Sorts and directly bagged using the FAPL’s PUT TO LIGHT System. This is a Unique and Cost Effective Solution For Segregating packets into hundreds of distinct locations from a very small Space. This also make the entire process less Human Intrusive and error Free.

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan Size Plotter (MOC)